Be Human, it’s time

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Something that is so simple is often overlooked by many of us (yes humans) across the globe. We prioritise wealth, our career and success over everything else in life. We constantly compare ourselves to everyone around us and at times treat people like shit!

See if…

5 Guiding Principles to Solve Problems

  1. Logic over Emotions
    When it comes to solving problems, you have to think with your head rather than your heart. Mixing emotions into the equation just makes things messy. Detach yourself and look at things objectively.
  2. Listen
    Take the time to understand the problem…
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Rushing out a proposal?

Running late for a meeting?

Working OT to complete a presentation deck?

Try the 4-Ds principle: Delete, Defer, Delegate, Do

Delete — Focus on emails that matter to increase your productivity, those that don’t matter simply delete them.

Delegate — We all know that we are…

Teivian Raj

Founder of Primal Origins | Entrepreneur | Life Coach | Speaker | Athlete

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